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Bodies of Courage - Body Painted Cancer Survivors


Each day thousands of women are diagnosed with breast cancer. To honor those survivors and promote hope to those suffering with the disease visionary artist Lisa Scholder has painted 28 survivors and continues to create beautiful works of art, which comprise the Bodies of Courage Collection. 


All the models are actual breast cancer survivors who used their bodies as a canvas for Scholder’s art.  The models are of all ages, shapes and sizes and various stages of pre, post or no reconstruction.  The art process provides a self image boost to the model and aides in the healing process. 


Each model is beautifully painted with an uplifting design that sparks not only beauty but portrays the courage these women faced in their fight against breast cancer. It proves that you can survive breast cancer and demonstrates how beautiful one’s body truly is.


Each model has an amazing story to tell. Stories of shock, disbelief, fear, disfiguring surgeries, harsh medical treatments and long recovery times. Their journeys have all taken their own paths but the common thread is their overwhelming courage and resolve to beat Breast Cancer….some more than once.  The painting process is theraputic, providing a new self image and enlightenment after their ordeal. 


“These women endured so much and the best part is their determination and attitude. They can tell their story with their body through this artwork, and show how beautiful these women truly are.  Each model spends between 6-10 hours being painted and photographed. It is a day that transforms more than their bodies. Their Courage shine through each photo.” says Peggie D. Sherry, founder and CEO of Faces of Courage, Inc.

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