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Dawn  1 Warrior Woman.jpg
About Lisa Scholder

Statement:  My artwork is a uniquely abstract visual presentation of the human form.


I hand paint nude bodies documenting the results via digital photography.  The subjects are typical people of varying body types and ages, which are transformed with colorful paint resulting in abstract imagery.  I often incorporate other painted body images into the finished piece.  


Often people focus on their bodily imperfections and are amazed when they see their inner artistic beauty after being painted.  Artistic body exposure…  The self-empowerment that this process provides to my subjects and the resulting dramatic yet simple imagery are the driving forces behind my work.
My first experience with body painting was New Years Eve of 2000 and my first public exhibition was in 2004.  My father-in-law, Fritz Scholder, a world renowned American Indian artist, had an unmistakable influence on my bold color combinations.   

For the past 10 years I have been and will continue to body paintancer survivors for a documentation project - Bodies of Courage - a fundraising project for  “Faces of Courage”.  

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